Center for Health and Migration

Research for Practice

The Center for Health and Migration works

  • on the development of a theoretical and empirical knowledge base in terms of the complex interplay of health, migration, and social inclusion
  • interdisciplinary, connecting expert knowledge from the fields of migration, health and social sciences
  • following a transdisciplinary approach, developing research questions and processes in close cooperation with practice and application
    within a Europe and international oriented research and practice network.

The Center for Health and Migration works with social stakeholders and organisations, which understand diversity as a resource and regard physical and mental health as societal and individual value.


pi_cThe Center for Health and Migration is run by researchers who use their tools of scientific work for taking part in the development of a better practice in societal, organisational and individual acting.

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pi_bWith its practice-oriented research and project activities, the Center for Health and Migration supports quality development in health care systems and in occupational health management.

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